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Vegetables for schools and kindergartens

You do not need to convince anyone about the importance of vegetables and fruits in the diet. Currently, a great emphasis is put on nutrition also in schools, where menus are also set by professional nutritionists. Of course, the meals prepared will be healthy if the vegetables and fruits are of the highest quality.

A varied and nutrient-rich diet is extremely important from an early age. Often the importance of vegetables and fruits in the diet is forgotten and is reduced or even worse completely neglected. Often parents refrain from feeding them or reduce them to a minimum after initial attempts when the child does not want to eat vegetables.

That is why it is so important that the school and educational institutions offer children fruit and vegetables in an attractive form. In addition, many parents engaged in professional work do not have time to prepare meals

Children spend the majority of the day at school and kindergarten, and parents entrust them with their children’s nutrition. This is a big responsibility, considering the importance of diet in the proper development of the child.

In order to provide meals for children with the necessary amount of vitamins and microelements, it is necessary to use fresh and pesticide-free vegetables and fruits to prepare them. Thanks to this, children get meals prepared on the basis of healthy ingredients. It is important that the cultivation takes place under the supervision of specialists and only approved and safe nitrogen and mineral fertilizers are used for fertilization.

Pol Mar carefully checks its vegetables and fruits suppliers. Our long-time experienced employees always verify the delivered goods, eliminating the possibility of delivering products that do not meet health and quality standards..

Careful Selection of Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits delivered from the patch or orchard before they reach the recipient, e.g. schools or kindergartens, must be properly stored. The storage conditions are adapted to the type of vegetables and fruits. Temperature, air humidity, expressed as a percentage and storage period, are taken into account here.

Ripened fruits and vegetables are stored at a relatively higher temperature, thanks to which they stay fresh longer. Special containers also play an important role here. Wooden containers are not used, because in case of moisture or wetness, for example through fruit juices running through the fruit, they may react with wood and rot fruit or vegetables, not to mention that such containers are very hard to clean.

The vegetable and fruit wholesaler stores them only in appropriate containers for this reason. These containers keep the freshness of vegetables and fruits for longer, and are also very easy to clean. It is also important to arrange the vegetables and fruits correctly.

Pol Mar the fruit and vegetable wholesaler offers the best quality product that meets all quality and safety standards. Thanks to this, it is also sold to schools and educational institutions, where local health and safety standard restrictions are in force. This is a guarantee of constant fresh fruit and vegetables and their timely delivery.

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