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Vegetables for catering establishments

All goods transported by us remain fresh for a long time until delivery to the recipient due to the fact that we comply with strictly defined safety rules. Thanks to this, our customers can always count on fresh produce which can be used to produce exquisite dishes of the highest quality.

We are aware that nowadays placing emphasis only on healthy and quality food does not guarantee success on the market. That is why we are constantly striving to meet the expectations of all our customers, regardless of their business operations.

How do you deliver fresh vegetables and fruits for a specific time? Are we always forced to buy them “second-hand”? Is the only way out to buy them in a supermarket where they have been at least a few days? If you are looking for fresh vegetables and fruits, we welcome you to view our catering offer.

Being one of the leading wholesalers in southern Poland we offer fresh fruit and vegetables for catering establishments. We provide healthy, proven and, above all, quality food, meeting all the requirements set by our customers. Our strong side is transport. We have a fleet of vehicles at our disposal including cold stores, thanks to which we can deliver our produce to any place in Poland.

Innovative approach to vegetable recipients

We have established a completely new marketing strategy in order to increase our competitiveness. The result of these efforts was the introduction of a number of exotic vegetables and fruits to our offer, which so far rarely appeared on Polish people’s tables. The introduction of new flavours has clearly increased interest in our brand.

However, this is not all. We have modified our sales strategy in such a way that it would bring maximum effects in the form of shortening the completion of a specific order to a minimum. We also make every effort to ensure that this policy also covers those customers who are geographically far away from us.

We provide fruit and vegetables for catering establishments, commercial facilities and many other business units, using them in production and service processes. When purchasing goods, we always take into account the specifics of the recipient, so that we can guarantee receipts of the order on the most convenient conditions for them.

The fruits and vegetables provided by us have the appropriate quality certificates. Thanks to them, our Customers can be sure that the goods obtained from us are completely safe for consumers. Importantly, we obtain them only from safe crops that focus on ecological solutions and methods of growing plants.

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Tailored offer vegetables and fruit

Vegetable and Fruit Offer for Restaurants

You will find the highest quality vegetables and fruits for restaurants in our offer. The assortment includes many different species and varieties, so that you can tailor the order to your own needs and expectations. The vegetables and fruits on offer come from proven crops and are of high quality, thanks to which they have a unique taste. We are aware that the products used in restaurants must be of high quality, that’s why we make sure that you get vegetables and fruits of good quality.

Offer for Kebab joints

Many years of experience in the sale of fruit and vegetables, provides us with the opportunity to create a dedicated offer for catering outlets such as Kebab joints. We are aware of the importance of fresh vegetables and carefully selected spices in this industry. We give you the possibility of direct purchases in order to meet the offer of supermarkets. They save time and provide exceptionally fresh vegetables that bypass the process of aging in the store. We welcome you to contact us directly.

Offer for Milk Bars

Although few in number, Milk bars are an important place on the map of less affluent people. In order to meet this, Pol Mar has prepared an individual low-margin offer, for all “milk bar” type outlets with subsidies from the state budget. The offer includes high quality products at preferential prices. We welcome you to contact us for more details.

Vegetable and Fruit Offer for Bistro

Fruit and vegetables for bistros should have the appropriate quality and meet the standards required by law. Therefore, you will find the highest quality products in our offer, thanks to which it is possible to create delicious dishes. The range we address to you is rich and allows you to choose such vegetables and fruits that completely satisfy the needs of small catering establishments. We offer products from proven crops and from reliable producers. In this way, we can offer vegetables and fruits of the highest quality.

Offer for Fast Food outlets

Fast food bars are often associated mainly with unhealthy, high-calorie and hard to digest food. Dishes served in them may not necessarily be such, so it is worth surprising customers with the availability of high-quality vegetables. Fresh vegetables for fast food joints is an excellent addition to meat dishes and a great way to expand the offer. It is worth ensuring that they are tasty, healthy and beautifully presented. In this way, you can emphasize the taste of other ingredients and attract people who usually avoid “junk” food.

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