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Pol-Mar specializes in the sale and purchase of vegetables, fruits, flowers and nuts. We are constantly expanding our offer with new products, trying to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. The owners of the company are most interested in self-improvement and preparation of the offer fully adapted to the needs of customers and the market. You will find contact details and possible forms of contact with Pol Mar below. We welcome anyone who needs high-quality fruit and vegetables, as well as producers who want to sell these products.

Where you can find us



Katowice is on the route of the main national and international roads. There is a very good road and rail connection. These are very convenient conditions for sales, so we can quickly deliver fruit and vegetables ordered by customers using our fleet of delivery vans.

We care about the high quality of the goods we sell. Therefore, all are stored in special cold stores adapted to the specifics of the industry in which we operate. There are appropriate thermal conditions that keep the products fresh for a long time. This allows you to supply vegetables, fruits and other products that we sell in perfect condition to the customer.


There are our cold stores and halls in Jakubowice where there are favourable conditions for storing vegetables and fruits waiting for delivery or orders by customers. We provide appropriate thermal conditions adapted to the specifics of the variety..

We know well that every vegetable or fruit varieties needs specific conditions. That’s why we adapt everything in such a way that our products stay fresh for as long as possible and are attractive to buyers. We can deliver them to stores in perfect condition thanks to this.



We will answer all your questions regarding the sale of our products. We welcome you also to contact producers and farmers who want to cooperate with us. We are constantly looking for new suppliers who will allow us to offer the best vegetables and fruits.


We know how important time is in today’s reality. We value our time and our trading partners. Electronic contact via e-mail or contact form is undoubtedly the fastest method of communication. Our staff will answer your questions within 24 hours.

We welcome you to co-operate


Producers and farmers engaged in the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. We are constantly looking for new suppliers, thanks to which our offer can be even better. We are looking for suppliers offering products of the highest quality, meeting all expectations in terms of aesthetics and taste.


We will establish cooperation with Customers interested in the purchase of fruit and vegetables, both small and large stores selling vegetables and fruits. We deliver ordered goods on time, and their quality and appearance will be impeccable. Freshness is the basis of all the vegetables and fruits we sell.


  • Jakubowice 77,
  • 32-100, Proszowice
  • Phone : (+48) 604 412 889
  • Fax : (+48) 32 314 01 38


  • ul. Józefa Pukowca 23,
  • 40-847, Katowice
  • Phone : (+48) 882 128 245
  • Fax : (+48) 32 314 01 38

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