Purchase of vegetables

POLMAR / Purchase of vegetables

Purchase of vegetables

Since the beginning of our business operations, we have been conducting the professional purchase of vegetables. We work with many producers from around the world who attach great importance to quality and compliance with production standards. We have also had reliable suppliers for years who, thanks to joint activities, are successful in the industry every year.

As a result of the dynamic development of Pol Mar, each year we establish cooperation with new producers, thanks to which we have the opportunity to develop our offer and improve the quality of services provided. We run a transparent policy of buying vegetables and fruits.

At the beginning of cooperation, we often define how much and what goods we would like to order. We sign appropriate agreements in which we determine what quality we expect and what we care about the most in mutual cooperation. We clearly define the terms of cooperation and the expectations we have for producers.


All farmers and producers of the agricultural sector are welcome to contact. We approach the vegetable suppliers’ offer very selectively.



  • We help to complete all formalities
  • We support local producers
  • Shortest payment terms
  • Consultancy in the field of production

and much more


  • High rates
  • Consultancy in the field of exhibitions
  • Brand recognition
  • Own transport

and much more


  • Attractive conditions
  • Constant cooperation
  • 100% punctuality
  • Flexible models of cooperation

and much more

Fruit and vegetables from all over the world


Local suppliers

The fruit and vegetables purchase point is the place where we make the first selection of products purchased by us. Specimens which are battered or bitten by pests or not meeting stringent European standards are rejected by us immediately. Such activity allows us to offer our customers only the best quality plants, which later will be hosted on the tables of many Polish families. The health of Poles is one of the main mottos of our commercial activity.<br />

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International Suppliers

Not only do we buy our products from local farmers, but also from abroad. Sweet oranges, flavored with festive tangerines or aromatic lemons are products that you will certainly reach for in the winter with your family. As a company with tradition, we care that you will never run out of them on your table, which is why we buy them from the best.

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