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Wholesale of Fruit and Vegetables Pol Mar

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Our wholesale warehouse is a combination of modernity and tradition. Allegiance to local entrepreneurs means we use their services willingly. Nevertheless, modernity is not the only issue. Exotic vegetables and fruits are also included in our offer. Perhaps you will find out for yourself about this?

We are happy to assist you in enriching the assortment of your store or point of sale. In addition, we will be delighted to provide your facility fresh vegetables and fruits because for us, fruits and vegetables means primarily health, and the passion that we want to share. We are aware that by supporting Polish farmers we assist in the development of the Polish national economy.

However, this fact does not mean that we do not benefit from offers from foreign farmers. Some of the vegetables and fruits we sell come from countries such as Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, France and Germany. Standards for foreign suppliers are no different to those which our farmers are subject to because at Pol Mar we focus primarily on quality.

A multitude of vegetables and fruits in our offer, forces us to search for products in distant corners of the world such as Peru, Chile, Colombia or New Zealand. The range of products we offered in retail sales varies but is limited by the seasonality and regularity of our farmers’ supplies of our farmers which ensures fresh and tasty purchases.

Our main operation axis of is based on the wholesale trade and our range covers the entire country. Our clients are in all of the voivodships including Silesia and Lesser Poland. Both small and large enterprises benefit from our services. We supply our vegetables and fruits to large supermarkets, smaller discount stores as well as family grocery stores and greengrocer. In addition, the supply of fresh plant products can be beneficial to schools, hospitals, kindergartens, office complexes and other public organizations.

Each offer is strictly personalized by us; thanks to which we have the opportunity to meet all our clients’ expectations. Exotic fruits, a huge quantity of potatoes, and maybe an overview of types of apples? Nothing is impossible for us.




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The best offer of fresh fruit and vegetables

hurtownia warzywAlways fresh

hurtownia owocówTop quality

soki owocowe100% Natural

hurtownia polmar miody na sprzedaz

Regionalowoce warzywa

Selectedhurtownia grzybów

Healthyprodukty regionalne

There are new supplies of fresh vegetables and fruits every day.

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